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A stopover in Meningie

With lockdown hopefully a relic of the past, Jenny and I are now catching up on lost time. We are on our way to the Red Centre in our Land Rover, Mr Clatter, named such from the sound of his engine.

Our first overnight stop was in Meningie, on South Australia’s Coorong. I was able to park in front of the church of St John the Evangelist, a sweet little church which featured in the 2012 Calendar.

I was in luck as the church was open, and the honorary full-time incumbent, Fr Ian Jansse, was preparing for an evening prayer service. We had a good chat and he reminded me that the church had been in the calendar. The now faded calendar page was in the porch.

Jenny was off in pursuit of her passion - the local Op Shops - so I stayed for the short service which was a nice start for our project of capturing some South Australian churches.

Of course, I took some photos!

Church buildings live on in most cases but as with my recent photo of the Tahara church, the tree which formed part of the original image at Meningie had gone - a large peppercorn in this case. The wood carving in my Meningie images was by Leopoldine Mimovich an Immigrant Artist.

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