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'St Fish & Chips' Port Pirie

Our route North to Port Augusta took us past the Port Pirie turn off so we made a left turn and drove the 6km into the town for a quick look. The cathedral church of Sts Peter and Paul has already appeared in the calendar so no need to repeat the exercise but I did take an exterior image for your benefit as the calendar inclusion had been of the interior. I also include a shot I took of a bush outside the vestry door which someone with botanical knowledge might identify in a comment.

My parents were married in Christ Church St Kilda, with my mother an Anglican but father a member of the Congregational church. I was baptised in the Congregational Wycliffe Chapel in Surry Hills but my mother must have prevailed soon after as I grew up as an Anglican in the St Paul’s Canterbury parish. Her conversion of my father to the Anglican faith was clearly very effective as he ended up joining the ministry and completed his career as Canon Emeritus.

I have mentioned this bit of history as when walking around the centre of Port Pirie I saw this wonderful building which certainly looked to have been a church. Turns out it had been a Congregational church! It is now an upmarket fish and chip restaurant and the hoardings outside are quite clever and perhaps a little sacrilegious to some but I found them amusing. I have always thought that if we are made in the image of God he must have a cracking sense of humour. Hopefully one day I will confirm that.

Onwards to Glendambo and then Coober Pedy

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